Welcome to my first ever Blog post for my flower farm, Country Blooms.
I thought I should begin by telling how it all started.
My original dream was to cover my 5 acre property with rows and rows of glorious lavender. I was going to build my empire making lotions, creams and soaps using oil from my fields, and open my gardens to anyone who wanted to come, take photos, and leave with a bag of goodies from my shed.
So I planted my first lot of lavender in 50m rows, 3 Pacific Blue and 9 Grosso. Then I had to start weeding….and weeding… and weeding. Even my elderly parents spent day after day weeding my precious lavender field. During the summer months it was a sight to behold, I was hooked.

Shortly after that someone suggested peonies, so I was off to talk to a lady who could tell me everything I needed to know. Peonies were planted and I now have several varieties planted over half an acre. I then moved onto Hydrangeas and my son and his friend eagerly built a me a large shade house that is now planted with 200 beautiful specimens in all shades of pink and white.
Nelson Hydrangea Suppliers
The opportunity to purchase a second-hand fully automated commercial green house came about when a neighbour sold his property and lucky for me the new owners didn’t have a use for the green house. So it was carefully dismantled, moved 100 metre down the road, and reassembled at its new home. In here I grow Lisianthus during summer and Stock during the winter.
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Flowers have now taken over my life and I am loving it.